Several industries located in and around Gadsden County which are vital to the local economy, such as farming, mining and logging, produce multiple trips by very large rigs through historic downtown Quincy, Florida. These trucks, laden with produce, clay and timber, create noise, vibration and considerable traffic on a daily basis. To alleviate the stresses this type of traffic brings to bear on a business district, The Florida Department of Transportation identified an alternative route for a new roadway that will redirect traffic to the east of Quincy. This new route, the Quincy By Pass, will provide access to S.R. 12 and points beyond such as Interstate 10 via State Road 10/U.S. 90. Project



Project Description

The new roadway will be 1.6 miles in length and will intersect State Road (S.R.) 10/U.S. 90 just west of the Gadsden Regional Medical Center at Ralph Strong Road. This new intersection will be signalized. The road will connect with S.R. 12 near the Quincy Municipal Airport. The facility will be a two lane, undivided roadway for the entire length. The travel lanes are 12’ wide and there will be ten foot shoulders, five of which will be paved.

There is one 1,241 foot long bridge being constructed which will span a swamp.

Construction Details:

  • Construction of ~1.6 miles of new roadway
  • Typical Section: two-lane undivided roadway
  • Travel Lanes: 12-foot
  • Shoulders: Ten-foot (five-foot paved)
  • Bridge: 1,241-foot-long

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